My name is David Clark. I am currently a Senior Post-Doctoral Research Assistant in the School of Biological Sciences, University of Essex, U.K. As you may now have guessed, I’m an ecologist primarily studying microbes. My research mainly focuses on the mechanisms by which communities of microbes assemble, how microbes coexist, how they disperse to new habitats, and what this means for the ecosystem functions they drive.

Microbial ecology is experiencing a golden age in which new technologies are allowing us to study microbes in unparalleled detail. However, our understanding of basic ecological properties of microbes still lags far behind that of higher organisms. My work therefore aims to apply ecological theory to microbes to try and understand the processes that regulate and maintain Earth’s most important communities.

Among other things, I also moonlight as a bioinformatician, a statistics and computer nerd (hence the title of this page!) and a professional consumer of coffee . I am a huge fan and occasionally make a half-assed attempt to learn Python and Julia too, but those are an ongoing process for me.

Additionally, I am an amateur paleontologist and have a large fossil collection comprising specimens from many UK sites. I specialize in the Eocene London Clays and Pliocene Red Crags of North East Essex. I hope to get a gallery page up and running soon, so watch this space!

I hope you find my blog entertaining and interesting! I should also say that all opinions expressed here are mine and don’t necessarily reflect my employers or colleagues.