One Week, Two Conferences and 19 Hours On A Train

Well, after a crazy week I thought I should probably get around to adding another post. Last week I attended two conferences both of which I presented at.

The first conference was the British Ecological society’s annual meeting 2015 held in Edinburgh. It was by far the largest conference I have ever attended and I found it both overwhelming and inspiring in equal measure. My personal highlights were:

  • My first ever conference talk, no major mistakes or stumbles!
  • Catching up with old friends from macroecology sig events past and making new contacts.
  • Watching various academics I used to respect Ceilidh dancing in a completely sober fashion … Yeah, that’s right, sober…
  • Being there to witness an old friend, Joe Bailey, coin a new term “geo-homogenous”.
  • Witnessing the birth of the new Microbial Ecology sig, looking forward to seeing how this develops.

I returned exhausted but inspired, which is probably the right way to feel after a conference.

The morning after returning from Edinburgh I was back on the train, this time to attend the Molecular Microbial Ecology Group hosted by Imperial College at Darwin House in London. It was great to catch up with more familiar faces including Shorok Mombrikotb who I first met several MMEGs ago when Essex hosted the event. I think that nicely demonstrates the importance of conferences aimed at early career stage people; it’s nice to get familiar with people at other institutions at a similar career stage as you.

Overall a great week which has left me with lots of new ideas to develop my own research. A big thanks to all the organisers of both conferences for a great week. Next on the conference horizon for me is the Macroecology sig meeting held in Oxford in July, can’t wait!

If you were at either event, let me know what your highlights were!


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